Chrome Plated Steel Bars and Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Steel Bars
Real Corrosion Resistance


Our Chrome Layer is the Highest Quality Chrome Plating in the Industry

Stelmi America, LLC uses its unique and proprietary plating method to produce hard chrome plated steel bars that are more dimensionally uniform and far more corrosion resistant than those produced by conventional processes.

Stelmi America offers chrome plated bars and induction hardened chrome plated bars with an increasing range of corrosion resistance as tested against the ASTM B117 neutral salt spray standard. Corrosion resistance of our products and/or process is verified utilizing both in-house and certified independent laboratory testing.

Stelmi America’s chrome plated steel bars achieve their remarkable corrosion resistance purely from the chrome plating process.

Stelmi 500 hour bars with 0.001” min. plate thickness per side gives 500+ hours of neutral salt spray corrosion resistance.

Stelmi 1000 hour bars with 0.001” min. plate thickness per side gives 1000+ hours of neutral salt spray corrosion resistance.

Corrosion ratings are evaluated using ISO 10289 with virtually all test samples showing zero corrosion after testing.

Chrome plated and induction hardened chrome plated bars, O.D. chrome plated tubes.

Size range: .875” to 5.000” diameter bars, tubes by application.

Lengths from 20’ minimum to 30’ maximum; 24’ standard.

Chrome plate thickness from 0.0005” per side to 0.002” per side.

Induction Hardened case of 50 Rc min. at 0.050” depth or to customer specification.

Standard bar straightness of 0.006” per foot total indicator run-out (T.I.R.).

All products are produced from mill certified SBQ carbon and alloy steel bars supplied from
North American suppliers.

Stelmi uses the same chromium and plating bath chemistries as are used by other major
plated bar producers. The difference and advantage is in our plating process.

We are ISO9001 certified. Click here for a copy of our certificate.