Water and Air Discharge

stekmi eviroment water and air

Stelmi’s chromium baths are closed-loop and release no wastewater which eliminates the need for special discharge permits. The enclosed plating machines work slightly under normal atmospheric pressure; the vapors are continuously collected and treated with both dry and wet scrubbers, recycling the condensation into the baths. The impact on the environment is negligible, both inside and outside the plant, and is well below the regulatory thresholds. Redundant containment systems are utilized to eliminate any risk of leaks or spills of liquid solution.

Less Power Installed

stekmi eviroment less power

The Stelmi process helps to conserve energy. The process itself demands one third less electrical power than conventional plating and our automation offers safety advantages for the machine operators.

Chromium Bath Volume

stekmi eviroment chrimium wastes

Stelmi’s continuous chromium plating technology uses no traditional plating pits or below grade plating tanks. The process requires a bath volume which is about one tenth of what is required by conventional bar platers.

Solid Wastes

stekmi eviroment solid wastes

The only solid wastes resulting from the process is the mud generated from the physical and chemical treatment of the water. The waste generated by the Stelmi process is about 5% of the volume that would be generated by traditional plating methods.

Quality Controlled

stekmi eviroment quality control

Stelmi America maintains an in-house laboratory for surface testing. Surface inspection is continuous with a focus on defect prevention rather than just defect detection. The Company operates under ISO 9001:2008 parameters and all products are mill certified and have 100% traceability.